This article was published in the Winter 1999-2000 issue of Formulations
by the Free Nation Foundation

FNF Enters a New Era

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This issue of Formulations is the last that will be edited and produced by Richard Hammer. As Rich announced in his letter of resignation (Formulations, Spring 1999), at the end of 1999 he will step aside as the driving force in FNF.

Philip Jacobson has taken a leading role in reassigning the work that Rich has been doing. In four meetings this year, of FNF’s eight-person Board, Phil has led sessions in which the other Directors have divided up responsibility for tasks which Rich will drop.

Starting with the next issue, FNF Senator Robert Mihaly will produce Formulations, doing the desktop publication and getting the printing and mailing done. With the recent Forum, Candi Copas has already started her duties in arranging Forum facilities. Candi has also taken responsibility for fund raising—as people on FNF’s mailing list have surely noticed.

FNF Member James S. Wilson, who is a second-year graduate student in information science at UNC-Chapel Hill, has been assigned to an Internship with FNF. In this role he will work on the FNF web site, and help with other duties.

Rich Hammer will continue keeping books as Treasurer, and in February will produce an Annual Report for 1999. In a regular meeting of the Board of Directors, on 13 November 1999, the Board voted to give Rich the title of President Emeritus. D

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