Free Nation Foundation

A libertarian think tank which sponsors a limited program of scholarship about the critical institutions which make free nations possible.

Archive of FNF Publications, 1993–2000
New in 2014, Richard Hammer has started a blog for continuation of FNF work.

Current Program

FNF seeks papers which contribute directly and substantially to the plan introduced in Toward a Free Nation. Such papers will be published here, and may also be distributed in a paper mailing.

FNF also has an antechamber for the conduct of a broader discussion.


FNF was founded in 1993 by Richard Hammer, to enact the plan which he had sketched in Toward a Free Nation. For seven years Mr. Hammer worked full time to manage and lead FNF. During this time FNF succeeded in a modest way. It published 26 issues of the quarterly Formulations, and organized 13 semi-annual forums. But it failed, in Mr. Hammer's opinion, to produce enough material which contributed directly to the plan. And it failed to sustain itself financially. At the end of 1999, Mr. Hammer withdrew from full-time work in FNF to seek more remunerative work.

At that time other members of the Board of Directors promised to continue the full program of publications and forums which Mr. Hammer had maintained, and for a time they took over the management of FNF. But when they failed in Mr. Hammer's opinion, both to continue the full program and to remain true to the spirit of the original plan, Mr. Hammer lobbied the Board for a separation which would allow each of the two factions to carry on under its own lights. Consequently a new organization was formed in early 2001. The Libertarian Nation Foundation seems to have more general aims than this organization (FNF).


We hope that FNF will be able to support a larger program of scholarship some day in the future. But, for several years, we need to promise only a minimal program. We need to gather new resources. And we hope to gain insights into the shortcoming of the 1993–99 attempt to advance the plan of Toward a Free Nation.

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