This article was published in the Winter 1999-2000 issue of Formulations
by the Free Nation Foundation

A Response to Adrian Hintonís

"Libertarian Community of Utopia"

by Roy Halliday

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This is the kind of formulation that we at FNF want to encourage. Adrian Hinton presents one possible design for a Free Nation and gives reasons to support his scheme. Mr. Hinton has overcome most of the statist mythology that pervades the culture in which we live. No doubt this is due to the influence of Ayn Rand's writings.

Furthermore, Mr. Hinton demonstrates that he has the potential to grow beyond the limitations of Ms Rand. For one thing he has a sense of humor. Second he is tolerant of other forms of libertarianism. Third he is willing to learn from scholars such as Roderick Long. Fourth he has plenty of years left in which to read works by other libertarian thinkers. (As a fellow believer in individual rights and autonomy, I think Mr. Hinton would enjoy and benefit from the works of Lysander Spooner, Robert Paul Wolff, and Murray Rothbard in particular.)

Since Mr. Hinton is an intelligent man "with a self or a mind," I predict that it won't be long before he makes contributions in standard English and stops parroting Ms Rand's style. And I further predict that his conscientious adherence to the non-aggression principle will lead him to consistently oppose the state, or in his current idiom "the state qua state." D

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