This article was published in the Winter 1998-1999 issue of Formulations
by the Free Nation Foundation
Burros as Individualists
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Spencer MacCallum

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I stopped and visited along the highway [in Nevada] the other day with a couple, probably in their 30s, who are "trekking" through the Southwest (average two miles an hour) by covered wagon with a six-burro team. I learned a lot about burros. They might make a good symbol for individualists.

So far as these two people know, theirs is the only six-burro team anywhere, because it's tricky driving them. General commands are ignored; commands must be specific to a particular burro and prefaced by that burro's correct name.

Also, did you know that burros will kill canines (unfortunately they don't distinguish domesticated from wild) and in the wild will hunt down coyotes? Burros are definitely happiest when they've some work to do, and despite their individuality, they like companionship. I could do worse, probably, in a future incarnation, than to come back as a wild burro. D

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