This article was published in the Summer 1996 issue of Formulations
by the Free Nation Foundation
Texans Seek Separation from U.S.
by Richard O. Hammer

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In May we received the first issue of The Republic of Texas Magazine. The publishers of this magazine, along with the movement which they hope to serve, claim that Texas was never legally incorporated into the United States: that acts in the mid 1800s which brought about de facto union were not authorized by the constitution of either the U.S. or the Republic of Texas.

One story "Provisional Government serves notice to IRS: vacate Texas soil!" tells of events at the Federal Building in Austin on 18 March 1996. Other articles, "Federal courts lack jurisdiction in the Republic," and "Citizens have option to send sales tax to Republic," show actions of this movement in Texas, to establish itself as the legitimate government of Texas.

The two publishers, Wesley W. Burnett and Charles W. Duncan, operate from Post (28 miles southeast of Lubbock, according to my map) where Burnett is publisher of a weekly newspaper The Post Dispatch. These two echo libertarian themes in their articles, which taken together constitute most of the magazine, though they do not use the word "libertarian."

Other articles in the 40-page magazine discuss the questions of what should be in a constitution, and what functions should be served by a cabinet.

Notices in the magazine state that: copies of this "Premier Issue" (May 1996) may be purchased for $5; subscriptions rates are $24 per year (12 issues) in the Republic of Texas, $48 outside the Republic. The mailing address is: 118 S. Avenue N, Post, Texas 79356. Phone 806-495-4135. D

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