This article was published in the Winter 1995-96 issue of Formulations
by the Free Nation Foundation
New Country Briefs
by Marc D. Joffe
for the New Country Foundation

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On July 15th, the New Country Foundation held its first conference at the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York. About 25 people attended the full day of lectures and discussions. Among the presenters, were Randy Dumse (see article elsewhere in this issue) who presented his plan for a libertarian compact. Compact members would agree to move en masse to a mutually acceptable country with a relatively small population. Formulations editor Roderick Long presented his libertarian constitution based on the concept of virtual cantons. Other speakers included Atlantis Papers author Jim Davidson, FNF President Rich Hammer, Sea Structures, Inc. Founder Richard Morris, veteran new country activist Mike Oliver and international tax expert Adam Starchild.

New Country Foundation organizers Courtney Smith and David Mayer concluded the conference with an NCF plan for establishing a libertarian nation. This program has two facets. The first part of the plan calls for either the acquisition or construction of a very small piece of land in a relatively unpopulated area. A small group of occupants would declare this land sovereign. The new mini-state would then have the right to flag ships. Among these ships would be one or more large-scale barges floating in international waters just off the U.S. coast. These barges, most likely constructed from SeaCells®, could be several square miles in area and may be clustered together to achieve greater potential population densities. They would be operated as condominiums, and would provide tax free living and business opportunities for their residents.

Current Foundation Activities

New Country Foundation activists are currently focusing their attention on the opportunity to create a new country in the horn of Africa. This potential country could either be a simple flagging state, or it may be able to develop into a viable economic entity in its own right. Because actual negotiations are underway, we cannot reveal many details at this point. However, we do hope to publish further information in a future issue of Formulations.

Web Pages

In the near future, NCF and FNF will begin to operate a home page on the World Wide Web. The web page will include back issues of New Country Foundation publications, as well as links to other pages that will be of interest to libertarians who are oriented toward creating a new country.

Currently, the following Web pages may be of interest to Formulations readers:


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