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Why an Antechamber?

by Richard O. Hammer
November 2010

Two programs competed for publication during my years of active management of the Free Nation Foundation. On one hand I had my founding goal, to publish scholarly formulations of critical institutions which make free nations possible. On the other hand most contributors wanted to write about public policy in existing states, on lively topics of present interest.

We could not fill our quarterly Formulations with works entirely to my liking. I compromised. We published many articles which stressed subjects only tangentially related to my aim for FNF. Unfortunately the compromises in Formulations probably added to the difficulty I found in communicating my aim for FNF.

But now with a smaller program, with only myself contributing at present, I can distinguish. FNF still has its core aim. But now it also has an antechamber for broader writings about related topics.

The purpose of the antechamber is to conduct people closer to the core work of FNF. In the antechamber things may be said which do not contribute directly to my aim for FNF, just so long as the effect is to draw together people who may later want to enter the core chamber of FNF.


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